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Teen Soldiers For Christ

This army has been created to help fight the evil of our world by bringing teens to Christ. Statistics show that 95% of ALL Christians have never brought a friend of family memember to accept Christ. If you want to enlist in this army please E-Mail Teens For Christ with your name and E-Mail address along with your state or city(optional) and a short paragraph about you (optional). This information will be printed on this page in case teens that are curious about Christianity can contact you via E-Mail and you can witness to them.

Jesus Christ needs YOU!

Enlist in Jesus's Army

Soldiers of Christ

Jennifer and Jason
Kansas City, Kansas

Samantha Harrison
Tuscumbia, AL name is Nick S. I live in Chesterfield,VA....
My e mail address is :
Im very interested in 17

My name is Jeremy Myers
my e-mail address is
I love witnessing to people thats what i do a lot in chat rooms I see this group as an oportunity that God has given me to witness to people I do know Jesus as my personal savior and have even been called to be a youth pastor.

Hi, My name is Jack M.
I'm from Moreno Valley,Ca. I'm 14 and my e-mail address is
I too am interested in helping...

hi my name is Angi
i am 18 yrs old and i love the Lord with all my heart and soul.
i live in TX,and my e-mail address is

Has your school said that you can't have a bible meeting while all of the other clubs have their meetings? Are you discriminated against because you are a Christian? If so this ministry can help! For legal help or action contact:

Jay Sekulow

Do you need some resources to inform you on current christian issues? If so contact the free resources link at the Christian Research Institute.

Christian Research Institute

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