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Teen Testimonies 2

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His gentle touch

God has worked many wonders in my life...but this one affected me most..though it might not seem very much of a big deal, it was huge to me... Starting in 5th grade I suffered from insomnia. I'd lay awake on my bed for hours on end almost until school started the next day, and I'd cry. It seemed so simple...falling sleep...but it just didn't work for me. I tried reading, and I'd go through five books a night, not feeling a bit of sleepiness come to me. I tried counting sheep, I tried saying "Iím tired....Iím' tired...Iím tired" in my head, I tried drinking warm milk, and nothing worked. One night as I lay there, I was thinking about how much time I wasted just laying on my bed and decided to do something worthwhile. I got out my Bible, back then a Children's Bible with big pictures, and read stories about Jacob, David, and other memorable people from the Bible. Soon these precious moments with God turned into Quiet Times where I'd write in my journal...and at the end of each session I'd write a prayer request down... "Please help me fall asleep quickly, easily, and comfortably." It became so repetitive it's still a phrase I use today. Two years passed and I still suffered from my insomnia and I began falling asleep in school and teachers commented on how tired I looked. However, I kept praying every night and I knew God would do with my request what was best for me. One night, I laid down on my bed and just instantly fell asleep. I woke up the next day refreshed, and marveled at how I had fallen asleep so quickly. And ever since then I had been able to fall asleep "quickly, easily, and comfortably." Finally I was able to check off all those empty boxes by my two years of prayer requests, signaling that God had answered my prayer. Now as a Freshman in high school I know, even if it may seem that no one is listening to my pleas, God is always listening. He answers your prayers with what he knows is appropriate...and those two years of suffering were worth what He showed me.

Debbie, Chicago

The Power of Prayer

Over the thanksgiving holidays my family and I were going two Texas to visit my grandmother, but my dad had a heart attack and he was in the hospital for about a week though and he came out OK after two surgeries and after we all prayed


The Healer

When I was born, I was diagnosed with a heart problem called aortic stenosis. This problem occurs when the aortic valve is thicker than normal and as a result makes the heart work harder to perform its normal activities. I was informed as a child that I would likely need surgery periodically to release some of the pressure on my heart. I had my first surgery at the age of eight years old. At the age of twelve I was told that balloon surgery would be necessary. This was a much more serious procedure than the one that I had done before, and the doctors were much less experienced in this procedure. Naturally, my parents and I were scared, but we never lost faith in God's power. I arrived a couple of weeks later at the Medical University of South Carolina, where my surgery was to be performed the next day. The normal preoperational tests were completed along with the same tests that I had weeks before. We met with the doctor after the tests and he was happy to give us the news that the pressure had decreased 25% and that surgery was no longer necessary. This was truly a miracle of God! This experience showed my family and myself, first hand, the power of prayer and faith in our Almighty Lord! Since that time no surgery has ever been discussed. "Stay joined to Me and let My teachings become part of you. Then you can pray for whatever you want and your prayer will be answered." John 15:7

Evan Landreth age 17

God is With Us!! Amen!!

One Night I was doing my "Mind Of Christ" Bible study. I had just been reading through it like usual, not really paying attention the way I needed to be and focusing in on God. So I found myself done with the days lesson and said to myself. "Why did I just do that?" So as I turned off the lights to go to sleep I started praying a deep prayer, outloud, and very close to Jesus. I was asking him to bring me closer to him and help me to grow in him. Just the day before at our "Mind of Christ" meeting we were challenged to at the end of our prayer to really wait and listen for God. Most of us never really take the time to do that. We say our prayers and forge ahead with out stopping to listen to our counselor's wishes and thoughts for our days and our life. Counselor!!! What a word!! You would listen to a regular counselor's advice, why not listen to the head counselor himself!! Anyway, back to the point. I was just in the awe of his presence waiting and listening when all of a sudden from the bathroon and the outside of my house simultaneously starts a thunder-like pounding on the walls. At first I tried to block it out but then I just couldn't do it anymore. So I started praying again. I prayed for God to keep my mind focused on him and to please make these horrifying noises to stop. "Amen." Then as i said that, the noises, together, started dying down...little... by little.. until they were gone. Now if that didn't get my attention I don't know what will!!! We all know who it was that was trying to get my mind off of my Savior!!! Praise God that he has power over evil!!! Praise God for he is with us!!!!

Felicia, 17